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A new probiotic that reduces infections in children

by La Redazione

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Italian scientists have found a new probiotic food, presented the last April. However, it would be more precise to describe it as a postbiotic, as it is a derivative of the probiotic fermentation process. The product was a fermented milk with bacteria of human origin, the result of extensive research and collaboration between the University of Naples, Milan, and Palermo. This milk, produced in vitro and made in Italy, is able to stimulate the immune system as well as reduce respiratory and gastrointestinal infections in children ages 1 to 4 by 60%.


“We fermented cow’s milk with a probiotic of human origin, L. Paracasei CBA L74,” expalined Professor Roberto Berni Canani, a lead researcher at the University of Naples who led the clinical trail. “When we analyzed the effects in a sample of 400 kindergarten children, we saw that those who regularly drank the new probiotic had a 64% decrease in the average number of childhood infections and a 75% reduction in antibiotic use compared to a placebo group. This was also in addition to decreases in uses of antipyretics, medical examinations, and school absences.”

Moreover, as underlined by Professor Maria Rescigno of the University of Milan and the Director of Immunology at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO), “ in vitro studies found that postbiotics derived from milk fermented with L. Paracasei CBA L74 also have anti-inflammatory properties by regulating the production of two key immune system cytokines.” “Furthermore,” she states “fermented substances like this have also been shown to be effect in modifying our mucous membranes, protecting them from infections.” A plausible next step would be to make a yogurt with this postbiotic milk, to make an easily available product that would be able to reinforce the immune system of children all over the world!

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